Separating myths from facts – a timeline Part 2

Of ghosts and gurus: Is the Rogers Theater haunted? You see, The Rogers wasn’t haunted by anything or anyone from the past, but from the powers that were to be, in the future! No, the past was very much alive, in spite of a war that was being fought in the worst of times. Yet, in the past few years, the ghosts that were manifested from a More...

by CCNC | Published 10 years ago
By CCNC On Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Separating myths from facts – a timeline: Part 1

Introduction: The old Cleveland County Courthouse was built in 1907, at a cost of $75,000. In 1974, the county court moved to the then new, Law Enforcement Center, and in 1976, the building became the Cleveland More...