Published On: Tue, Oct 30th, 2012

Cleveland County Schools representative says nothing to see here

Back in August of this year, actually, on August 7, 2012, Danny Blanton announced at the Commissioner’s Meeting that credit card fraud was still an issue with the CC School district.

He gave explicit details about what was going on, and he had the paperwork to back it up. After the meeting, once outside the building, he was overheard speaking with a reporter from the local newspaper. He was explaining even in more detail, a few things that weren’t explicitly detailed in the meeting. The reporter asked for the paperwork and such, but Blanton told her that unless she would do a story on this issue, he would not hand over any material to her. She stated that she would have to speak with her editor. Actually, she would need to speak to the publisher of the newspaper, as the editor had been gone for several weeks, to work for another news outlet.

It appears that nothing was ever mentioned about this in the local paper, but one entity that had a story was Citizens for Good Government. Robert Williams had the story on his  website Then, on October 2, 2012, WBT-TV reported some of the information that was disclosed at the Cleveland County Commissioner’s meeting in August.

I contacted the office of the Department of Justice several times and was told via email that indeed, there is an investigation going on and that nothing else could be revealed. So, why are we just now hearing about this from our local newspaper? They sat on the same information that was given to those at the meeting on August 7, 2012, but not a peep written about it. Why? I asked the question then, and I ask it again now. Sadly, Cleveland County doesn’t have that news source, it has a news manipulator.

Danny Blanton has receipts and proof of purchases for many items that should not have been allowed by the county school system. As a result of his tenacity, his life was threatened, he stated that a person or persons, threatened to burn his house down, among other things, but yet, the local newspaper did not find it to be newsworthy to even file a report. Even if Blanton did not give the reporter any paperwork, it would appear likely that the reporter would tell her boss about this huge story, and then the boss would contact Blanton and have a sit down with him. Yet, nothing was reported. If Blanton was offered the chance to meet with the publisher and refused, then I would say that is a story, so why didn’t the paper run with that? Why?

When there are reports of employees, allegedly using credit cards for personal purchases, such as spa treatments, purchases at Wal-Mart, Bojangles, amongst other things, and confronts the school personnel, yet they claim there is nothing out of the ordinary here, what does that say? It says there is time for a change, from the top down. Times are tough, and people are hurting. The last thing Cleveland County taxpayers need at this time, or any other time, is a waste of taxpayers’ money, and a total disregard for integrity. It’s time for more changes. Let’s see if the newly elected school board will step up. At this point, things have remained much too quiet.

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