Published On: Wed, Aug 29th, 2012

An uncivilized society

Have you noticed how two of the strongest words in the English language have been so cheapened by being so loosely thrown around? The words love and hate, have been rendered by many as something that the words hardly mean at all. I remember the first time I read or heard the word hating’ and hater in this new context. It was quite a few years ago, and it was while reading about politics in Memphis, Tennessee.

All of a sudden, to be hating on somebody actually means that you didn’t agree with their politics or point of view. If you were one who disagreed with or took the opposite side of a conversation, then you were labeled as a hater. And after bashing you thoroughly publicly, they would ask that you show that someone some love. Sadly, the whole mess has gotten progressively worse.

We also have the likes of The Southern Poverty Law Center and the founder, Morris Dees, in my opinion, is one gigantic fraudulent entity. You can be sure that the manufacturing industry is alive and well in Montgomery, Alabama. You see, this Dees fellow manufactures hate. He and his band of merry men are qualified to the extent that if they deem you or your group to be a hater, then it is so written, thus sayeth Lord Dees. If Jesus walked the earth today, The Southern Poverty Law Center would have Him in shackles and chains and have Him declared as a hater. However, Lord Dees would soon discover that the shackles and chains weren’t enough to hold Jesus as a prisoner and that Jesus would break free, smash in the doors of The Temple of Dees, and turn over all the tables, take all their money, and leave the Center blistered from the Cat o’ nine tails.

People of similar agendas such as Morris Dees, are all chasing the same thing…dollars, and the more dollars, the better. If they have fought the good fight of the impoverished south, in the name of ridding it of hatred, then why are there more and more people and institutions, and entities being listed as haters? Why, because he says so, and because it separates the fools he solicits, from their money. Good ole Morris. Just look around at the folks who use the word or term poverty, in their organizations, and then look at their net worth. John Edwards comes to mind. He has this UNC, John Edwards Poverty Center, and he’s fairly well off, in his two Americas, especially if he can afford them both.

If you really want to understand more about “hating” and “haters”, then you should look no farther than the Holy Bible, because you ungodly rascals seem to think the Bible is filled with hate. So, let’s go there and look and see. Now, first, let’s compare what you consider hate, with what I would consider a great dislike of, okay?

Here, we aren’t talking about God hating people, we’re talking about people hating other people. Also, we aren’t talking about petty disagreements or name-calling, and small-time grievances. No, we’re talking pure, unadulterated hate. Let’s start with the biblical government official, the tax collector. Back in the day, the tax collector was hated, despised, by their fellow men. So, will Morris Dees go after the tax collectors in America? Or will he declare that people who despise these tax collectors be declared as haters? The biblical Adam’s sons show us the story of a brother who had hate in his heart for his own brother and even murdered him. Yes, Cain killed Abel. Was that a hate crime, or would Dees go after Cain for making Abel feel inferior? Tough choice there, Morris.

You can say the very same thing about the words racism and racist. The words have been cheapened simply because they are used when other words would suffice, simply because, the term does not match the context. Today, we have newscasters, commentators, talking heads, etc. spewing vile statements and hate while at the same time, accusing others of what they are actually doing. And in the same breath, they make a plea for tolerance. Sometimes, one eventually learns that tolerance at times comes at the end of an arm…to the nose. Now paint that as hatred. It’s baffling to try and understand why God would allow our nation, with this kind of behavior, to continue to exist. I know He’s a God of the last chance, as well as a second chance. Maybe it’s just pity He has for us, and He is trying to spare us from ourselves…else we would be dust.

The thing that magnifies this whole mess is how this hate is used in the political arena. On one side, people are falling all over themselves, dreaming up fictional scenarios and blaming the other side for being haters and racists. If the other side replies, they are damned. If they do not reply, they are damned. Hate, used in speeches, in advertisements, in talking points, and in interviews, are pretty much the norm these days. And simply, with all the things combined, pretty soon, no one will pay any mind to real hate and racism anymore. That’s what happens when one uses it as a tool to victimize themselves. In the end, they do become real victims, but their wounds will be shown to be self-inflicted.

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