Published On: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2012

Have any of you read about this in the local paper?

During the meeting on August 7, 2012, the Cleveland County commissioners heard the speaker below share the information. So did everyone else who was there. Even a reporter from the local newspaper. However, not a peep was written about it, except at an alternative site.

Danny Blanton, 1827 Creek Ridge Road, spoke as a concerned citizen regarding Cleveland County Schools. Mr. Blanton explained he has presented several items to authorities regarding misuse of funds within the Cleveland County School system. He handed information to the Clerk and asked that each Commissioner receive a copy. Mr. Blanton has spoken with the State Auditor who informed him that the issue of misuse of funds is an issue that needs to be dealt with locally. Mr. Blanton will be meeting with the Chairman of the School Board and the Superintendent on Friday to discuss the issue.

[Ed: Taken directly from the minutes of the meeting on August 7, 2012]

If you would like to read an eyewitness account of what was said inside at the meeting, as well as what Mr. Blanton shared with a reporter outside, after the meeting, you can go here for the full story.

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