Published On: Thu, Apr 26th, 2012

The Department of Subterfuge

Maybe if we could merge several leaders and their duties into one official set, you know, similar to how this Homeland Security was put together? And we could simply call it as it actually is. The Department of Subterfuge. Combine the City and County officials, and we’ll have one big tent of leadership that would be much easier to keep an eye on,

Really, we don’t need all these job titles, Director of This and Director of That. Let’s call it what it really is, for a change. These people are playing 3-card monte with the taxpayer’s hard-earned money. Reminds me of a bunch of fair barkers, back in the day. Some of these guys could sell, as they say, snowballs to Eskimos. As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Stuff like, ah, let’s say, an entity that will open the old courthouse as a venue for a deceased banjo picker will bring in $20 million $18 million, in 10 years. If so, who’s riding shotgun on this stagecoach about to be held up?

Actually, what is very much needed, especially in our local government, is the Department of Accountability. But who would watch over them? Better yet, who would comprise the Department? Surely, there would have to be some new blood. As much as I appreciate the combined oversight of these leaders, like, when a couple of senior citizens wanted to go and take pictures of artifacts that were donated to the Historical Museum but were given possession by the County Leaders, to Destination Cleveland County. These citizens were met by a welcoming committee that included two county commissioners, the county manager, and his assistant. Pretty impressive, huh?

Shouldn’t the County Manager have been spending his time bringing in those millions of dollars that he was given a raise for, rather than quizzing some citizens about taking pictures of artifacts, artifacts that the taxpayers were footing the bill for DCC to be looking out for them? Gee, guys, how can we ever thank you enough? Whatever your answer is, it’s unaffordable.

This leads us to one last thing. There is a primary election coming up on May 8, 2012. Do you want the same old leadership that has, well, has a habit of frittering away your money? No, I didn’t think so. Neither do I. That’s why I’m willing to vote the current bunch out where possible and give some new people a chance. And if they are a great improvement, keep electing them. If not, spin, rinse and repeat…vote them out.

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