Published On: Mon, Apr 16th, 2012

So you want to talk about what’s fair?

It seems the rhetoric in the upcoming election, the present administration claims that things aren’t fair for everyone, and it would have the well off paying more taxes, well, because, it’s only fair.  Well, let’s talk about some more things that aren’t fair.

How about for starters, legislators giving themselves raises in pay and benefits.  That’s not fair.  Could the average worker go in on say, a Monday morning, and just sit down and give himself or herself a raise?  Not likely.  And how about being exempt from the new health care that these people passed but never read?  Do you feel it would be a great idea for these politicos to have to share the same burdens as the rest of us?  It’s not fair either, that they get these ungodly retirement plans with only the minimum of work.  How about getting in on the regular plan like the rest of us.

While we’re on the subject, how about you people in DC paying your own way, and pay for your own stamps, stationery, flights, and travel, schedule your own itinerary, pump your own gas, purchase your own groceries, do your own shopping, but without the benefit of playing the “but do you know who I am” card.  If you have to stand in line, deal with it.  Go through airport security and let the TSA treat you like the regular people you claim to be.  You want to prove that you’re one of us, then live as one of us, on a daily basis.

Most of all, cut out your smarmy ideas that you know what’s best for the rest of us, because in reality, you don’t have a clue.  When we read about how cowardly you really are, but you mark it up to your importance to our country, with   things such as this:  allow me to refresh your memory

An aide to Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.) tells CBS News that the Indiana Republican plans to introduce legislation next week that would encase the House Gallery in “a transparent and substantial material” such as Plexiglas that would keep members of the public from being able to throw explosives or make other attacks on members on the House floor.

Burton has introduced similar legislation in the past. It reads in part, “The Architect of the Capitol shall enclose the visitor’s galleries of the House of Representatives with a transparent and substantial material, and shall install the equipment so that the proceedings on the floor of the House of Representatives will be clearly audible in the galleries.”

[h/t Michelle Malkin]

I must say, I’ve probably played in a more hostile environment when I was a young man playing music.  Back in the day, it would have been great to have some chicken wire or something to protect the band from rowdy partiers who began to act like drunk politicians and start chunking bottles and such.  Wonder how these brave hearts would have handled such?  Look, I wish for no one to be injured or anything, but these people must understand, they aren’t a special class of people simply because they think they are.  As I said earlier, to roam amongst the regular folks, the elected would learn fairly quickly just how little people think of them.

Another thing that isn’t fair is the fact that you politicians have continuously engaged in class warfare and race-baiting, all the while, lying to all of us.  I’m talking about both parties here.  Trying to stir up the “have nots” by creating anger towards those that are successful.  Honestly, for a bunch of people who are supposedly so bright, you sure do act stupidly. Yea, and if the shoe fits, and all that.  Looking back, it’s amazing how we have gone from a democratic republic, where the majority was a factor, to the present, where we see a minority calling the shots.  Why is this so and how can it be possible?  As they whine, “it’s not fair”, and they destroy everything in their paths.  And Washington looks the other way and chastises the rest of us.

Look out, officials.  There’s a day of reckoning ahead.

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