Published On: Fri, Dec 30th, 2011

Our new senator select

Well, we’ve seen that Wes Westmoreland won the straw poll that declares the winner by the local GOP, and that Westmoreland will more than likely take the seat formerly held by Debbie Clary. Westmoreland has stated that if he is selected to fill the one year left on this term, that he will step down and support the guy from Burke County. So, how does this help Cleveland or Rutherford Counties? There were two other candidates who were vying for the seat. Former Mayor Ted Alexander, and former Senator Dennis Davis. Both candidates stated that they would serve the term and then run for a full-term assignment. Why should the GOP select a placeholder and not a genuine candidate?

Both, Alexander and Davis have held prior office before and have been in positions of leadership, in the political arena. Westmoreland ran against Walter Dalton and lost in that battle. Now, he’s willing to take the seat for a year and come home, have the term “Senator” on his resume, and support a candidate from Burke County, rather than his home county next term? Yea sounds like a logical choice to me. If this is the future of our local GOP, again, I don’t believe we have enough firepower to fight off Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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