Published On: Tue, Dec 6th, 2011

The people allow the media to choose the wrong candidate again

Once again, we are a little less than a year away from the election, but we allow the media to choose our candidate for us. Yet, we wonder why we are in such sad shape. Why? Because we’re gullible, lazy, and just downright too agreeable. No, we shouldn’t be rocking the opposition’s boat. We should actually be sinking it. Once again, the choices left for the GOP presidential race do not have the firepower to hold off Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We have everything from slick to schtick, but no one left to lead this country. And we seem to be fine with it.

You see, while we’re letting the media tell us about this Occupy thing, which is nothing more than a diversion and distraction, while the real damage continues to grow, we are fighting the wrong battles, and also failing to go after the real opponent…the present President of the United States. Seems as if this Occupy event is taking the news by storm, as every single news organization, as well as websites everywhere, are reporting on this. What bearing does this Occupy mess have on who will be the opposing candidate to President Barack Obama?

Sarah Palin is out, the media took out Herman Cain, without any bona fide proof of anything. I found it odd that the bulk of the accusers were from the Chicago area, and also were involved with the National Restaurant Association. In my opinion, if a person has a problem, then a pattern would be there, and there was no pattern to speak of, except for the women from the NRA. Another thing, isn’t it odd that the number 13 years always popped up? A woman waited 13 years to bring this up, and another claims a 13-year affair with Cain. Yet, no proof. Sure, Cain suspended his campaign, but that didn’t suspend the networks and media from continuing their assault.

Why has there been no aggressive research on Obama? Someone has mentioned looking into Newt’s college days and scores, etc. Fine. But why not afford the sitting President some of those Dumpster Diving Resources that were used for Sarah Palin and others, and now for Newt and Romney. Why? Because the media are a bunch of bought and paid for pricks, with a capital P. It doesn’t suit their agenda. Prove me wrong. Please, prove me wrong. The media that we see today, are known enemies to America. Again, prove me wrong, please. They lie, they misrepresent the truth, and they exaggerate, and they would sell out their own families in order to serve their master, Barack Obama.

This phrase, Fair Share keeps coming into play. Look, folks. Nothing says anyone is entitled to or even guaranteed a fair share. An equal and fair opportunity, yes, but that is altogether different. There is nothing in my 61 years that I can look back on and claim that I did not have an equal opportunity to be what I wanted to be, or do what I wanted to do. The opportunities were always available. At times, my discipline was not, so that is all on me, and not the government and this fair share crap.

Another example: if one makes no effort to work and learn, and get ahead, then one cannot sleep until late afternoon, get up and then play video games until dark, and then go out clubbing, and expect to amount to any kind of success in life. Sorry, but that’s the cold, hard facts. In reality, you are getting you’re fair share, because most of the time, you get back what you put in. So, if you do not contribute anything, then you reap nothing as well. Hey, that’s just the laws of the land. Period.

So, as we head into the primary season, what will you do? Will you defy the wisdom of the media and think for yourself, or will you actually study the issues and candidates, and make your own decision? If you allow these crooked jugheads to choose for you, then you deserve every single thing you get, from here on out.

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