Published On: Wed, Nov 30th, 2011

Regulating a specific ingredient

Let’s say you are getting ready to prepare a certain dish or food item for consumption. However, there is a new twist as to how this final product will turn out. There is a new ingredient, that is mandated by a board of people who think they know what’s best for the rest of us. This board of people has decided that whatever it is that we may cook, create, bake, fry, etc., must include in this concoction a certain amount of (name of exotic extract goes here). It doesn’t matter what this extract does to the taste of the product, or how it will affect the health of the people who ingest the product, or even how it will improve or harm the overall product. The bottom line is, this is what this particular board wants, and common sense be-damned, this is what the board will get, regardless of the results.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it. And it is crazy. But, this is how our Board of Education suggests that teachers will be hired to teach the kids. It matters not what the end result will be, but how the sum of the mix results in their predefined equation. Remember, not only is education a necessity, but it is also a business, and the bottom line is not money, but how well students are prepared for the future. Lesser than the best instructors or teachers, rarely lead to anything beyond lesser results. For example, in professional sports, or even high school or college sports, the teachers/coaches are graded on their on-the-field performance and bottom line…wins and losses. Our classrooms should be the same way, and the teachers hired to carry out the foundation that has been laid out before them, to build upon the future of these students.

If you were having to board a plane and say, fly overseas, would it matter to you if the pilot was the best person for the job, and adequately prepared, or that he or she was just filling a quota? Would you feel safe? Apples and oranges, you may say. True, but you say you won’t fly under those conditions. Well, lots of parents say this decision of the Board of Education won’t fly either. If the administrative personnel and the Board of Election will not commit to a higher standard, then maybe the parents should band together to see that changes are made from top to bottom.
Regulating a specific ingredient

Research has shown that Cleveland County received a substantial bit of revenue from the stimulus package, and a nice chunk went towards education. The state lottery is supposed to fund education. Lots of other revenue goes to education. So, maybe, just maybe, we need to trim some of the top-heavy fat that seems to be unnecessary at the moment. Maybe we need fewer people in those administrative positions but with a more diverse background, like, common sense, a willingness to be the best, distinguished character, just to name a few. That’s a pretty good place to start.

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