Published On: Wed, Aug 10th, 2011

A refresher in Civics

This is not so much for the citizens as it is for the leaders. Many times, the hired help forgets who is in charge, and to whom they serve, so, this is for those who fall into that category.

And no, this does not have anything to do with a Honda automobile.

The city manager serves at the pleasure of the city council. The city council serves at the pleasure of the voters.
The county manager serves at the pleasure of the county commissioners. The county commissioners serve at the pleasure of the voters.

It seems as if some of these leaders have forgotten that, so this is just a little reminder. May I also inject here, if any of you city council members, as well as the county commissioners, have any doubts about this, then perhaps, you all need to go out among the people a little more? People are talking. People are angry. Many are fed up. I would like to also add, damage control does not consist of trying to continue to alienate the citizens. The citizens put you in office, and the citizens can and will take you out of office. This is not a threat, but only a gentle reminder to those who need to be reminded.

We are living in trying times, so that increases the odds of people being a little more likely to speak their minds. We all know that the answer is through the ballot box, and nothing else. We don’t and won’t recommend boycotts, town hall meetings, or anything similar, because we’ve seen in the past, this is only another way for the leadership to try to save face as they shift into their appeasement mode. The people are much brighter than they are given credit. We won’t beg the leadership to please do something. We know they won’t. So, it’s up to the citizens to come together and work for the change that is needed.

Interaction, not intimidation, is the best way to respond to the people. Anyone who thinks that motivation by fear is the best way to lead is sadly mistaken. The bottom line is this:
you either lead, follow or get out of the way.

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