Published On: Mon, Jan 17th, 2011

Media pimps and whores, and their enablers

I consider people like the protesters from Westboro Baptist Church to be nothing more than attention whores, who thrive and exist on the attention they get from the media. I don’t think they really believe all the crap they’re spewing. It seems to be a gimmick for constant attention, like a bunch of spoiled kids, not unlike many reporters, journalists, and politicians. Take away microphones and cameras and ignore them, and odds are, they would vanish. What other reason would they have to do what they do?

Instead of passing laws like Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.) suggested, making it a federal crime to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening or inciting violence against any federal official or member of Congress, maybe they should consider banning cameras and microphones (the media) from covering such hate-filled people. Broadcasting companies could save lots of money by curtailing their travels, chasing these media whores for the next big “vitriolic event” and extravaganza. Newspapers could save money by saving ink, by not giving these media whores attention in their printed editions.

Actually, a law wouldn’t need to be passed nor applied, if the media would just do their jobs of actually reporting news, instead of framing it around their agenda, and trying to present it as actual news. Imagine that? When the crazed gunman in Tucson went on his killing spree, the media had it all figured out before the 22-year-old was even handcuffed. It was Sarah Palin’s fault. It was Glenn Beck’s fault. It was the “teabaggers” and those evil right-wing devils. Even the Sheriff from Pima County got in on the act and milked his 15 minutes of fame for all it was worth. Again, the media was all too willing to grant access to the sheriff, their microphones, and cameras.

While the media calls for “the right” to practice self-control, maybe they should look inward, and try it themselves. Maybe they should fade to black when the media whore strays away from the facts, and deprive them of the attention they so selfishly seek. No, that won’t do. These reporters are in search of the truth, you know…the news, with film at 11.

One last thing. Why is it the elected in DC want this wall of separation, via Dan Burton’s Plexiglas bubble, to keep them safe? Are their lives worth more than ours? They say they want to be safer, but safer than who, the rest of us? Seems to me they’ve been insulated from reality for way too long as it is. We the people have to face these dangers daily in our towns and communities, yet the politicians don’t seem to care much about that. I guess it’s really easy for me to forget how special the elected really are, especially by the way they treat the people. Many of them are media whores in their own ways. The same can be said for many of the TV hosts, who spew spittle and slobber, and have tingles up their leg, as they spout their nonsense. Not only are they media pimps, but they’re fools…way too many of them.

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