Published On: Sun, May 17th, 2009

Ultimate Concerts Greatest Hits

Volume I: Back to the Future at Present

After reviewing some research that I did back in January, one little detail stood out that I had overlooked previously. This particular information was taken directly from the myspace site of Napoleon Brewer and Ultimate Concerts.

The entry is listed with the date of November 2, 2007. Below is the beginning of the press release:

November 1, 2007
For immediate release.

Contact Napoleon S Brewer Sr 907 947-3530

“Effective; November 1, 2007 millions of concertgoers can start saving up to 80% on ticket purchases. Ultimate Concerts, Inc will produce over a thousand concerts, stage plays, and other special events throughout the United States each year. February 2008 entreprenuers Napoleon and Laterrance Brewer created Brewer Investment Group Inc here in Anchorage. Brewer Investment Group, Inc will act as Financial and Managing overseer of Ultimate Concerts, Inc and it’s dot com entities.”

Indeed, the Brewer Investment Group, Inc. was created in February, 2008. But, how can you speak of something that is described in the present tense, when the date of the press release is more than 3 months prior to creating the corporation?

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The next issue, and the one that is most disturbing is the claim of more than 10,000 jobs across a few states. The entry below is taken from the same press release from the myspace site, dated November 1, 2007.

“Ultimate Concerts, Inc will provide hundreds of new career opportunities, with offices on the East and West Coast, an Executive office on the Central Coast and distribution & marketing centers in the Mid-West to include Wichita, Kansas as well as a Multi-Purpose call center in Shreveport/Bossier and Monroe Louisiana in addition to a full service entertainment industry training facility in Detroit, Michigan.

Our company estimates that each of the facilities should be open and fully operational by the end of the first quarter of 2008. The Mid-West location will employ over five hundred people; facilities in Louisiana will employ about two hundred and fifty operators and customer service personnel. Our goal is to train and employ ten thousand people in the Detroit metropolitan area commencing mid January 2008. We’re in the process of making plans to meet with City and State officials in mid November to present and discuss our proposal, we are optimistic that the City of Detroit will welcome the idea.”

I have done extensive research regarding these job claims, and have not been able to find anything that would confirm the fact that these jobs were created. I have placed many phone calls to people and places that should have some information if indeed, these jobs were brought to the cities that were listed.

Now, the North Carolina Attorney General has issued an investigative demand to Ultimate Concerts, Inc. Having read this document, I’m quite sure that Attorney General Cooper is holding a hand that would show a royal flush. Why Napoleon Brewer wants to continuously blame the media for his troubles is troubling. Can he not see his own track record? The claims that he has made, and continues to make, and nothing to substantiate said claims, is Brewer’s own fault.

At least maybe after May 27, 2009, maybe we will be able to clear this up, once and for all…thanks to our Attorney General.

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